How we make a difference

Our mission is to inspire our people to give back. That doesn’t just mean fundraising and volunteering – that also means raising awareness across our network to help our charity partners increase their profile and get further support for their fantastic work.

We’re incredibly passionate about giving back at Investigo. It’s part of who we are. Our dedicated charity committee are always putting their heads together to come up with new ways we can get involved with charities as a business.

About Children in Conflict

We’re very proud to be partnering with Children in Conflict, an amazing small charity that provides emergency response services to children affected by conflict. This includes keeping unaccompanied children safe and reuniting them with their families, removing barriers to education, and giving psychological first aid.

The children they work with have already lived through the worst impacts of war – impacts which have only been worsened by the effects of the pandemic. The charity’s teams across the world are working harder than ever to protect these children from facing further devastation, providing a lifeline to families through cash assistance programs.

First on the scene and last to leave

Children in Conflict shares our belief in leaving a lasting impact on people’s lives, well beyond our initial interaction. Long after the cameras have stopped rolling and a disaster zone has slipped from the public eye, Children with Conflict’s teams will stay on the scene. Their mission: to create longstanding structures for children to recover and rebuild from the effects of conflict.

The charity was founded in 2017, the year Investigo US was formed. We’ve been partnering with them since 2018, and we’ve continued to grow together ever since. It’s a massive privilege to work with a charity that offers a shining light to young lives during their darkest times.

If you’d like to support Children in Conflict, please visit their donations page. Any contribution will go a long way in creating a lasting impact on a child’s life.

If you’d like to find out more about our charity work, or if you’re a charity and would like to partner with Investigo, please contact our charity committee.