We host a massive range of charity events every year that our people, clients, and candidates are all welcome to get involved with.

Our New York, Philadelphia, and San Diego teams raised over $2,000 for Children in Conflict in 2021, taking our grand total to more than $6,000 since we began our partnership in 2018. That’s an amazing place to be, but there’s so much more we still need to do. As our team grows, we’ll keep on pushing the bar higher and stretching out so we can surpass it.

When it comes to charity, we do all the usual stuff you’d expect – and a whole lot you wouldn’t! As well as the customary quizzes and bake sales, our people love to organize their own one-off events to support our charity partner their way. Here’s just a selection.


Not content with watching the action unfold in Beijing, our teams recaptured their school days by organizing their own 80s-themed mini-Olympics, featuring relay, egg and spoon, and three-legged races. Although there were no gold medals on offer, the $2,000 raised for Children in Conflict more than made up for it.

Clint’s big shave

After years of careful cultivation, Clinton King-Elmes parted ways with his beloved beard to raise money for our charity partner. Though it was something of a culture shock, he quickly got over the emotional trauma when he raised nearly $3,000.

Super Bowl Squares

A little friendly competition can do wonders for your charity efforts, as our budding NFL buffs discovered when they took part in the online not-for-profit predictions game, Super Bowl Squares. It wasn’t just the LA Rams who triumphed as our team raised a fantastic $500.

If you’d like to find out more about our charity initiatives, or you’d like to talk to us about how you can support our fundraising efforts, please contact our charity committee.