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Looking back on the creative industry in 2022

​A year of two halves ​It was a busy and dynamic year in creative staffing – one of two halves. T...

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Best Companies Linked In Post

​Investigo celebrates Best Companies treble

​We’re delighted to have been named on three Best Companies league tables for Q1 2022. Recognised...

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Working Tips

Three fantastic focusing tips

Are you struggling to concentrate on tasks during the day? Do you procrastinate? Do you find your...

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Charity Linked In Template 2021   37

Investigo has raised $500 for #charity partner Children in Conflict

​Investigo has raised $500 for #charity partner Children in Conflict through online not-for-profi...

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Linked In Template Nov 2021  169

Investigo announces West Coast expansion

​Recruiter Investigo has launched a new office location on the West Coast of America. Based at 60...

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Linked In Template63

​Investigo expands US business with the launch of Philadelphia office

Recruiter Investigo has launched a new office location in Philadelphia. Based at 1900 Market Stre...

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Linked In Template 40

​Turning theory into practice: your organization’s journey to flexible working

​I am sure you’ve all been listening in to the conversation around remote working/flexibility and...

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Linked In Template  20

​The strength of specialization: an interview with Mike Rutkowski

Mike Rutkowski is the Managing Director of Investigo’s US business, based in New York. As he appr...

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Us Website Post 23

Investigo launches US website

​Investigo Recruiting has launched a new website for its US business. Going online in April 2021...

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Elizabeth Bevan

Outlining your career path at Investigo: an interview with Elizabeth Bevan

​​Investigo offers two development routes to our employees – management and billing. To highlight...

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The Art Of Balance

The art of balance: an interview with Jennifer Haley

​​Jennifer Hayley is an Associate Director for Investigo’s Technology recruitment practice in New...

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Leading From The Front

Leading from the Front

​Since the untimely death of George Floyd, there have been calls for changes in the way companies...

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Investing In Talent Awards

Investigo wins Best Employee Communications at Investing in Talent Awards

Investigo has won the award for Best Employee Communications at the Recruiter Investing in Talent...

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Kamala Harris

A Biography | Kamala Harris

​There will be people who say to you, ‘You are out of your lane’. They are burdened by only havin...

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From Swan Lake to staffing specialist: an interview with Liza Knapp-Fadani

Former professional dancer Liza Knapp-Fadani knew exactly what it was like performing a solo act ...

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Covid Fallout Flexibility And Fenway Park An Interview With Aaron Brandon

COVID fallout, flexibility and Fenway Park: an interview with Aaron Brandon

​Boston’s own Aaron Brandon leads corporate and private equity strategy recruitment for the Unite...

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Cv Tips

CV tips that give you the edge

​The market is tough right now. There’s that moment when you see a perfect job posted on LinkedIn...

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