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Building a diverse workforce: nearly half of US businesses behind on diversity

48% of business leaders in the US feel their organization is falling behind on diversity, according to our UNLOCKED: Tech and the Boardroom report.

Indeed, US executives were the most concerned of 750 tech and non-tech leaders, across the US, UK, Germany and Netherlands, who we surveyed on their technology priorities at board level in 2024. Overall, 38% of board members felt they were falling behind.

However, it’s clear that businesses recognize the importance of creating a fairer workplace which can also help them establish and maintain their competitive advantage. 76% of respondents confirmed they have a diversity and inclusion strategy in place when it comes to hiring tech talent into the business.

Why is it so important for organizations to expand their tech talent pools? What can they do to bring in more diverse talent? Why are businesses still finding it hard to implement effective DEI policies?

Find out more in Building a diverse workforce, part 5 of our UNLOCKED: Tech and the Boardroom report.