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Existential cyber threat: cyber security the big focus for business leaders in 2024

28% of executives say cyber security is their biggest tech threat, with 14% identifying generative AI and 8% sustainability, according to our UNLOCKED: Tech and the Boardroom report.

But there was an interesting regional disparity in our survey, with 23% of US respondents identifying cyber as their biggest concern, compared to 33% in Germany. Interestingly, organizations’ level of concern decreased with size. 32% of leaders from organizations of 250-300 people saw cyber as their biggest tech threat, compared to 23% in businesses of over 500 people.

While mid-sized firms are aware of the cyber threat, do they not yet have the infrastructure or talent in place to address it? Are larger companies more in control of this issue? How are business leaders looking to protect their organizations against cyber attacks?

Find out more in Existential cyber threat, part 2 of our UNLOCKED: Tech and the Boardroom report, which explores the challenges facing today’s business leaders in tech and non-tech roles.