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UNLOCKED: Technology and the Boardroom US

What are the technology challenges keeping business leaders awake at night? How do tech leaders’ priorities differ from other board members’? Which technologies will be key to your organization’s success both now and in the future?

The IN Group, the collection of specialist talent brands of which Investigo is proud to be a part, has gathered views from 750 board members in the US, UK, Germany and Netherlands to understand the technology priorities at board level in 2024.

Exploring the issues facing the industry and focusing on the challenges facing today’s business leaders in tech and non-tech roles, our report UNLOCKED: Technology and the Boardroom covers:

  • Investment and economy – 64% of US respondents are expected to be in the office five days a week, compared to 37% in the UK. Overall, 48% of respondents are back to full time, in-office working.

  • The existential cyber threat – 28% of executives say cyber security is their biggest tech threat.

  • The rise of generative AI – Geographically the highest proportion of respondents labelling AI as a direct threat is the US, with 57%, compared with 49% in the UK. 50% of US respondents show some serious concerns around a lack of tech innovation in the business.

  • Tech’s role in sustainability – 73% of executives feel that their organizations prioritize sustainability as part of their technology strategy. The US leads the way in this area with 82%.

  • Building a diverse workforce – 48% of businesses in the US feel they’re falling behind on diversity, compared to 38% overall.

  •  Tech’s profile within an organization – 84% of respondents in the US say their tech leaders sit on the board or executive committee, compared to 75% overall. 63% of tech leaders report to the CEO.

For more insights on the tech priorities and challenges for C-suite executives today, read UNLOCKED: Technology and the Boardroom here:

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