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Investment and economy: looking at the tech pressures facing C-suite leaders in the US and beyond

48% of C-suite professionals are back to full time, in-office working according to our UNLOCKED: Tech and the Boardroomreport, exploring the challenges facing today’s business leaders in tech and non-tech roles.

By country, by far the highest proportion of respondents who are back in the office five days a week is in the US, with 64%. This is compared to only 37% in the UK.

Are organizations in the US in danger of missing out on the lessons of the pandemic? What does tech investment look like for the year ahead? And how do tech and non-tech leaders’ priorities compare?

Find out more in Investment and Economy, part 1 of our UNLOCKED: Tech and the Boardroom report, where we’ve gathered views from 750 board members in the US, UK, Germany and Netherlands to understand the technology priorities at board level in 2024.